21 April 2014

Easter from the iPhone

Fifty degrees and raining equals being too lazy to pull out the real camera apparently.  So, instead we have these iPhone gems to commemorate and look back on as "Easter 2014." Also, yes, I dressed my child in shorts and sandals in the cold, but hello handsome and he didn't care.  

 ^^ Oh hey, there's me in a photo.  Crazy, right? Also, Taylor forgot to remove the mic he was wearing.  Lame. ^^

^^ This might be a favorite photo of all time.  He is excited about something.  Maybe sunshine?  Maybe a yard?  We may never know. ^^
^^ Avengers tats.  My mom said she doesn't think we should encourage him to like tattoos because what if he gets one of something dumb like a snake one day.  I told her I would just encourage him to get something better.  Like a tiger ;) ^^

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