19 May 2014

Hilton Head

We spent last week at Hilton Head with Taylor's family.  We discovered why we vacation with family. It's because we actually get to vacation that way.  I've talked to so many parents who say that vacationing with kids is really just parenting in a different location which is really parenting in a harder situation because we don't have all of our crap that we use at home to make life smoother.

Enter grandparents.  They want to be with your child as much as possible, especially when they live far away.  They are offended if you don't let them change the diapers and think it's cute when the kid throws a tantrum in Target aisle 57 and eats seashells they found.  And who am I to deny them their grandparent rights? So thanks Bama for loving Gideon (and us) so much last week!

There was plenty of beach lounging, jacuzzi sitting, food eating, ice cream gorging, excessive shopping fun to be had and gosh-darn we had it.  Gideon played hard which meant he napped hard and shocker of all shocks, he slept all night, every night WITHOUT screeching when we laid him down.  Maybe, just maybe it was having his own room.  Mama and daddy are not above sleeping on the pull-out couch to give him his own space, which he clearly desires.

The best part of all, you ask?  Only having a 40 minute drive home.  We were home, unpacked, laundry going,  eating lunch, with our kid napping by noon.  Boom.

 ^^ Loving his "ucle dosh" ^^

 ^^ Here's his "ah be" ^^
 ^^ Ok, if you are planning to go to Hilton Head, please plan to visit Harbor Town (below) and eat at Salty Dog! Winners in my humble opinion (minus the $13 kids t-shirt, holy moly) ^^

 ^^ And here they are.  Gideon and Oakley working the crowd ^^

The following is a progression of photos showing a mother attempting to lay out.  I hear the chuckles now, you thought you could have free time?


  1. Are these pictures taken with your new lens you mentioned in your previous post? They're all amazing. Also, the ones of Gideon on you are so sweet :)

    1. Thanks Maggie! Yes, they were all taken with my new lens.


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