13 March 2014

Rainy day without the rain.

We had an awesome day yesterday with friends (and made new ones!).  We drove to Hilton Head to an indoor play place because the weather was calling for rain.  Needless to say, it did not rain, but we had a blast inside anyways!  Here are some highlights from our day...

+ Gideon had his first experience with the giant blow-up bounce houses and slides.  He loved the slide, but was not a fan of the bounce house unless I was holding him.  Neither was his friend Hudson.

+ Discovery of the water fountain.  Out of all the huge play things and toys around, and my son discovers the water fountain. He stood by it to push the button over and over again.

+ A friend in our car.  My friend, Devon, and her sweet boy, Hudson, rode with us to Hilton Head and I think Gideon was pumped about having a friend in the backseat.  They kept reaching out and trying to hold hands, but couldn't quite reach.  They also stole toys from each other and whined when the other one got a snack that they didn't have.  This age is fun and interesting.

+ Chic-fil-A lunch.  We followed up the play place with some food.  Always a win.  I feel like my fall back is always Chic-fil-A, but I know they have great options for Gideon and I'd rather go somewhere I know he will eat.  Other than a juice box incident, all was good.

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