14 March 2014

Five on Friday

1. Motherhood is hard.  Parenthood is hard.  We are somewhat in the trenches of toddler-ness (I made that term up, but it entails tantrums and disobedience and all sorts of falafel) and it makes me weary and makes me question my ability to mother and parent.  It hit me hard yesterday and I silently wiped tears while attempting to hold strong. It is worth it and that redeems it every time.

2. I can't seem to stop watching this video.  It's so beautiful and well made and the emotion and joy in it makes me cry EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.  How awesome to have this captured in this way?

3. My breakfast lately has consisted of a hardboiled egg, fat-free yogurt with granola and a tumbler of water.  It has been filling and I have so much energy lately.  We aren't going overboard on the "eating clean" train, as in beating ourselves up about every little thing, but we are being more aware of what we are making for meals and what we are buying.

4. Often, Gideon will say "hi mama" and I always respond "hi baby."  Now he has taken to repeating me after I say it.  It tickles me to hear him say "hi baybeeee."

5. With this weather, I will soon be releasing my pale-ness upon the world (I keep making up words).  Beware.  I have no shame in my game this year and have decided that healthy skin and a healthy me is a better long-term investment than the short-lived tan.  That doesn't mean I will hide under umbrellas or not lay-out while beaching it up (who am I kidding, moms don't get to lay-out), but I won't spend my entire summer trying to scorch my skin.

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