17 February 2014


Valentine's Day was great around these parts.  The actual day was gorgeous with temps in the higher 60's, so Gideon and I spent the afternoon running around downtown near the waterfront.  He was mostly interested in the stray cats and couples attempting to have a date at the coffee shop and of course he had to interrupt and wave at the girl while getting his flirt on.  Trouble-maker, that one is.

Taylor had lined up a babysitter again.  Twice in as many weeks.  We went with the same one we used last time because we like her and Gideon likes her so there you have it.  She came and put our boy to bed and spent her evening working on homework.  And since she gave up her Valentine's evening for us, we made sure Gideon treated her right and got her some chocolate and a homemade card.

I'm easy to please when it comes to taking me out for dinner. I wanted a bloomin' onion, steak and salad.  Well, Outback had other plans, and since there aren't a ton of choices around here, it was packed. They told us 45 minutes.  Cool, we can wait.  After an hour, we go back up to check.  Forty-five more minutes?  My math may be off but I don't think that adds up.  Awesome.  An hour of precious babysitter time wasted. We headed downtown and got seated right away at a local restaurant.  And had the best steak ever so I would call it a win.

Also, photobooth.  So, you know our evening was awesome.  We were very serious about this photobooth and spent a good five minutes before preparing. Ok, first smile.  Then goofy face.  Then surprise face.  No wait, Gideon flex face.  Then kiss.  It wasn't until the second picture that we realized we only got three faces so we scrambled and managed to get our kiss in.  We will be more prepared next time.

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