13 February 2014

Hey girl

Gideon decided he wanted to send some Valentine's to his ladies this year.  His ladies include great-grandmas, grandmas, and aunts at this time.  Although, several friends have recently been asking about arranging a marriage with their daughter, so in no time, I am sure his Valentine's list will grow.

We got this "Bachelor" shirt for his birthday and I thought it would be cute to get some photos of him wearing it to send out.  So, we headed out to a field with lots of mossy oak trees and attempted to have a photo shoot.  He was not having it.  He kept saying "ah da" which is "all done" and never once gave me a smile.  They turned out OK.  We printed the Valentine's off of Pinterest and I let him scribble on them with a crayon.  Then we sealed them up and sent them out.

It was fun to do but I am sure in a few years when we have to make them for an entire class at school I won't be as thrilled.

*Also, if I was smart and witty, I would have had Gideon holding roses as if he were handing them out to the bachelorettes.

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