11 February 2014

Scenes from the park

It's really easy to get caught up in a habit of complaint.  Complaining about what we don't have and why we feel we are entitled to it.  I'm going through Jen Hatmaker's 7 Experiment and although we are only a couple weeks in, I am already amazed at the excess I have allowed myself to live in and yet my attitude about the things I feel I need.  So, in an attempt to bring change, I thought I would just spend a little time being thankful instead of whiney.

 Today I am thankful for...
... our beautiful park and mossy oak trees.
... a sunny day outside with Taylor and Gideon yesterday.
... the little buds showing that Spring is coming.
... a cold day to stay inside and rest.
... a crockpot full of chili.
... a napping toddler.
... Downton Abbey discs on DVD that come right to my door.
... new shoes for Gideon (thanks Grammy and Papa).
... friends who come over to play.
... a washing machine AND a dryer.

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