19 February 2014


If you are like me, you love to get on Pinterest merely for a little inspiration.  A fresh idea or look that you can easily incorporate into your life. I do think that it can get out of hand and lead to an unrealistic expectation in a lot of ways, but if you see it as simply a tool and source instead of a standard then you will make it out alive.   

I thought I would share a few of the things I found recently that have inspired me.  Pinspiration, if you will.  I tried to cover a variety of things including a recipe, DIY, photography, etc.  I promise I checked all of the links and none of them are dead ends.  

Clockwise from top: 

newborn photography: Birth photography is fascinating to look at and this new movement of taking newborn photos at the hospital in a lifestyle-esque format has me captivated. While I love the naked babies in hats and with props, I am loving the realness of this concept.

tankini swimsuit: Such a fresh take on the tankini.  Regardless of how much I have been working out, I no longer feel comfortable in a bikini.  I'm a mama with a few marks to prove it, but that doesn't mean I can't find a fun swimsuit.  Enter this beauty.  Sadly, the top is sold out online.

DIY dip dye Easter eggs: How fun are these eggs?  The bright colors are screaming spring and make me want to eat the ears off of a hollow chocolate bunny.  Bring on the Cadbury, we are so doing these in a couple months.

quote: I feel deeply.  Very deeply.  And I have been feeling everything lately.

banana and almond ice cream: Gideon is still having issues when it comes to dairy.  It makes me sad to know that right now he can't share in the joy that is pizza, chocolate, and ice cream. So, I might need to give this recipe a try.  For his sake, you know?

camera strap: This is basically a selfish pick because I am dying to get this camera strap.  I have been searching for a strap since I got my camera last April and alas I have found the beauty.  Bloom Theory makes the best of the best straps and it looks amazingly comfortable.

kitchen: Every time Taylor and I start talking about a house, this is the kitchen I picture.  But, I want to create it myself. I am going into this fully aware that we will pick a house that I can renovate our way.  Ok, my way.  And open shelves, wood countertops and bright white is making me drool.

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