20 February 2014

Summer in February.

I just need to take this post to brag on our little town.  I am usually not the optimist in our marriage and usually find everything that is wrong with something before claiming any part of it is good.  It took over four months before I looked at Taylor and said, thank you for moving us here. But, I said it, so moving in the right direction, right?  

Anyways, back to good ol' Beaufort.  Despite the lack of Target (Ok, but really, we have two Sonics and are about to have two Publix, but no Target?  I digress), we have some pretty great things going for us.  While a majority of the country was stuck under a layer of snow and ice, we got a mediocre rain shower and within a day or two our temps rose to the 70's.  Just yesterday, we got all the way up to 82 degrees and there were people at our pool.  Not in our pool, but a swarm of them laying out and getting their tan on.  In FEBRUARY, people.  

Now, I love a good snow and cold weather, but the charm of it wears off when you discard your Christmas tree on the side of the road, pack away the shiny ornaments, and figure out how you are going to clean up the tinsel that has crept into every crevice of your home.  So, to already be jumping into pre-summer temps is something I am grateful for.  

Taylor even pulled out his shorts to wear this morning.  He said it almost as if it were a challenge.  I'm going to wear shorts.  Go on and do it.  Because you can.  So thank you, sweet Beaufort.  I know I may be cursing you this summer, but we will at least have the pool and beach.

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