27 February 2014

Highs and lows


... this bracelet was a gift from Taylor.  A little reminder that our sweet baby "B" had weight here on Earth and in our lives. {bracelet is from shopLUCA and we highly recommend!}

... yesterday was rainy and that was not so high, but a ChickfilA date with friends for lunch and playing in the indoor play place followed by a nap was definitely a high.  It was a bonus second nap for Gideon which means I should probably get my lottery ticket because it's just that lucky.

... my bathrooms are clean.  Actually clean.  Go ahead and pull those curtains back and take a gander. I mean sparkly and I like sparkly things. {And they are only clean because we have company coming}


... first molars.  Ouch.  Just ouch. Gideon has been chewing on everything and is particularly fond of shoes, people, and furniture. {but we discovered the cure all is popsicles in the bathtub.  Because I'm too lazy to try them anywhere else.}

... I had to google how to cut an avocado.  Go ahead, judge me.  I'm the new kid to this trendy party.  Also, what is the appeal and how do you get your kid to eat it?  I can't even get my husband to.  He took one bite and said, yea, not feeling it.  I'm all for some guac though.

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