25 February 2014

And the remainder of the weekend.

+ When we got to my parents house this weekend, I stuck Gideon on the front porch, rang the doorbell and hid to the side. My mom's scream when she saw him was priceless, followed by her picking him up and going inside while leaving me on the porch. Nice to see you too, mom.

+ Friday night my brother-in-law had to have an emergency appendectomy.  Gideon was already asleep, so I went to the hospital to sit with my sister so she wasn't alone.  We laughed, and talked, and had to run through the halls to keep up with the "serious"(as my morphined BIL called him) nurse who was moving him to surgery.  Staying up until 1:30 in the morning without a kid and having sister time was awesome despite the circumstances. Usually by 1:30 I am in my third REM cycle.  It was kind of like a vacation.

+ My cousin and her two sweet babes were staying with my parents as well.  Penny is a year older than Gideon, but they had a blast playing together. At one point, Gideon walked up to her and hugged her.  Where did this come from, kid?

+ I walked around Target by myself for an hour.  I don't think I need to expand on this.  I laid in the floor and kissed the aisles and ran my fingers through all the glorious clothes.  Of course when I tried it all on I was like, my kid will make a snot rag out of this in no time.

+ And the whole reason for us coming was to celebrate my grandma's 80th birthday.  We had lasagna, salad, bread, almond butter cake and cheesecake.  Can't get any better than that.

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