04 March 2014

Sick baby weekend

Taylor's mom and sister came to visit this past weekend.  We had a great time despite the fact that Gideon was not feeling well and was not acting like himself.  It started Thursday night, a few hours after we had laid him down.  I noticed on our video monitor that he had thrown up in his crib. Classy. Friday he seemed fine and was a running and dancing maniac while we were out shopping. At one point, I am pretty sure a dance circle was forming around him in the Nike store.  I love the photo above.  He was a lively little thing while we looked in Pandora.  And he thought this little spot was just perfect for him.

Saturday, he woke up crying in the morning, which he never does.  Taylor got him and brought him into our bed where he passed out, which also never happens. I barely moved during that whole transition.  Making up for the eleven months of nightly breastfeeding I guess.  He was lethargic all day and was not interested in anything, including the park.  Later in the day, he had diarrhea which continued into Sunday.  He didn't start acting like himself until today.

We felt bad that his Bama and Aunt B didn't get the fun and crazy boy all weekend and had to settle for a grump, but it was still a great time.  He was a snuggly boy, so I know they enjoyed that!  It was our first experience with vomit and diarrhea, so it was interesting to say the least.  Just glad to have my happy G back.

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