27 January 2014

Painting with a twist

Gideon and I headed back to Charlotte last weekend to celebrate my sister and mom's birthdays.  My mom has been wanting to do one of those group painting places where they show you how to paint step by step while you sip wine (if you want) and snack and hang out.  It was a ton of fun.  A girl's night while my dad kept Gideon and did an awesome job of putting him to bed.  Apparently, there was a lot of fun had by those two, so much so, that I am not even privy to their adventures for the evening. Guys night and all that jazz.

I felt accomplished by the end of the evening and now have an addiction I think.  It really was an awesome time and my painting looks pretty legit.  At least to me.  While I stand far away from it.  But, the sister and mom time takes the cake and we laughed all night.  But, also missed our sister afar!  Come back, Sheila.

Gideon and I were spoiled by tons of eating, movie watching, wagon riding (just a couple times in the freezing cold), and family time.  Oh, and my kid was AMAZING on the three and a half hour drive there and back.  No issues and we never had to stop.  Golden.

^^ The birthday girls ^^

^^ Sisters with a photo-bomber.  Please ignore my baby hairs.  Postpartum hair regrowth sucks ^^

^^ Tons of concentration for the background. This was the easy part ^^

^^ We sang "happy birthday" to all those celebrating. Alisha is wanting more attention ^^

^^ This was staged. I was totally already finished ^^

^^ Finished product ^^

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