29 January 2014

Ten things.

1. I ran 5k the other night.  It wasn't pretty, but then again I shouldn't have done it right after eating dinner.  My time would have been much better if I didn't have grilled chicken and bread rolling around in my belly.

2. Beaufort is starting to feel like home.  Taylor gasped when I said I enjoyed living here.  But, I must say, the people are amazing and we have been blessed with so many friends, and friends with kids for Gideon at that. Now, if Beaufort could work on the store situation.  Is Target too much to ask for?

3. We are currently getting iced in.  And we had some flakes for point five seconds.  So that is something for our little beach town.  I think they said it has been five or more years since they had any type of snow or ice.

4. I have been wanting to color my hair dark for a long time, but have never been brave enough to pull the trigger.  A lady at our church owns an awesome salon and has been talking to me about coloring.  I am inspired by this pin.  Not too dark but different than what I have.  Thoughts?

5. January is almost over.  Where did it go?

6. We got the first disc for the new season of Downton Abbey in the mail yesterday and watched the first episode.  I forgot how much I love this show and am thankful for something to do while stuck inside.  Doesn't it make you want to dress up for dinner and hire a butler?

7. I promise my blog design is not finished.  Just getting my header done.  I know some of you were probably all "this isn't pretty."  Don't worry, pretty is coming!

8. Gideon napped for three hours yesterday and I was all "score."

9. I'm re-reading a book I've read about 20 times.  Do you ever do that?  If I love a story, I can't help myself.

10. I changed out of sweatpants already so my work is done for the day.

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