22 January 2014


Today would have been my Grammy's 92nd birthday.  She passed away exactly one month before Taylor and I got married.  There are times when I think about her and miss her so much.  I hold Gideon and think how much she would have loved to snuggle him and I imagine the things she would have said to him and about him.  She was such a magical person to me.

I don't know what it was, but she was ethereal and sweet in a way that reminded me of a Disney princess. Maybe it was the way she charmed things that shouldn't be tame.  Which brings me to Jay-Jay.  Oh, I love the story of my Grammy and Jay-Jay.

She was a hardworking woman.  Minute by minute, hour by hour she was always busy doing.  Sweeping floors, cooking meals, hanging out laundry, carrying milk pails.  You name it, she did it.  Cue, Jay-Jay.  A wild blue jay would come and sit on the clothes line while she worked. Eventually, he would come and sit on her back while she was bent over picking up clothes and hanging them on the line.

Jay-Jay kept coming back.  You could find my Grammy sitting in an old glider swing in the afternoons just singing away.  And there was Jay-Jay (she named him), perched beside her, listening to her sing.

That is who my Grammy was.  Even the wild birds knew she was gentle and kind and found solace in her company.  What I wouldn't give to sit in that swing right now and listen to her sing.

Happy birthday, Gram!  I love you so much.

Some great friends of ours had their sweet baby boy early this morning!  A great birthday for sure.  After 47 and a half hours of labor!  We are so excited for them.  Congrats Lauryn and Greyson on sweet Everette Isaiah.

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  1. Perfect post today. She was a very special lady. Thanks for remembering her Em. She sure did love you!


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