12 December 2013

Christmas time.

We opted for a small fake tree this year.  Here is where I would normally go on about my disappointment since I have always had a big, real tree. But, less than a week after we put it up and most of the ornaments are sitting on our desk after being pulled off the tree by our curious kitty or wild one year old.  So all in all, I think this was the best bet for this year.  If I say "No, no"  one more time in regards to someone messing with the tree, I might go crazy.  Also, if it had been a real tree, I guarantee you I would have had to vacuum up a million little needles by now.  Taylor made a great point about next year.  Gideon will be big enough to know not to mess with the tree and new baby will be too small to mess with the tree.  Only problem is we still have kitty.

I was reading this post by Ashlee about her obsession with Christmas cards and I have to say, I am one of the crazies too.  I don't know what it is about Christmas cards, but I get so excited about sending them each year.  I think it is as much for me to see the progression of our little family as it is for everyone else.  Call me insane, but I love my Christmas cards.

Another thing I get super jazzed about this time of year, is wrapping presents for our family.  Presentation is everything to me so I want them to look perfect.  I love walking the wrapping paper aisle to pick out something unique and fresh.  Finding tags, ribbon, etc.  IT'S. A. PROBLEM, people.

Well, that about sums it up for Christmas around these parts, these days.  Also, how about most random post of the year award? Oh, not random enough?  Here are some links to what I have been loving lately around the internet...

-This is the sweetest video about adoption.  I watched it this morning with Gideon and I cried (of course).  Gideon loved the part where they saw the baby for the first time which made him laugh.

-Such a refreshing look at blogging.  It is easy to get caught up in what other people have, do, say, etc. on the internet.  It is just a small look at their life.

-Love this gender reveal on one of my favorite blogs.

-I have so many thoughts about this article.  I'll probably have a long post about this soon.

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