21 November 2013

One of our hardest decisions.

A little throwback action to when I was Mrs. Claus in the school play.  Oh, and when my dad had awesome facial hair. (I still don't have my camera so no new pictures to share!)

There are many hard decisions in marriage.  And one that comes around every. single. year is which family do we spend Thanksgiving with?  Which one Christmas Eve?  Which for Christmas Day?  When we said our vows, I never thought twice about this being a hard thing, but in marriage this may be one of our hardest, yet.

We don't like having to choose each year.  Feeling sad, knowing that we have to pick between our families.  We want to be with both each time, but it's not possible.  We want to be sensitive to each other as spouses and what they want or are used to, but at the same time we strive to make it fair and even.  Oh, I hate this decision each year and we either try to make it early and have it set or avoid it as long as possible.

Oh, and let's throw a kid in the mix now.  Let's just make it that much harder.

Even though, this is such a difficult thing, we enjoy spending our holidays with our families.  We also know at some point in the future we will want to stay home for Christmas with our kids.  Growing up, Taylor and I both stayed home with our family and it was such a special time filled with tons of memories.  I loved waking up in my own bed, running downstairs to our Christmas tree and spending the entire day watching movies, eating cookies, and playing with presents.  And at some point, I want that for our babies, too.

But, for now, we wrestle within, and ENJOY our time with our families.  We are blessed to have them and what a great problem to have, choosing which of our awesome families to spend which holiday with.


  1. you could create a system..where you rotate and include yourself in the mix. it could be thanksgiving at family A one year.. Family B on year then you Host family A one year and B the next.. and so on so forth for all the holidays.. and if it pre decided then it won't be such a difficult decision.

    I came from a huge family.. 9 paternal uncles and aunts and 5 maternal.. and in each family we picked numbers... and in that order each family hosted the festivities..

    1. That's a great idea. We have a little bit of a system, but it sometimes doesn't always work out if our siblings have other plans. We try to make it to where we can be with them when they are with our parents!


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