22 November 2013

Five things on Friday.

1. I can't help myself when people post links to videos.  I have been so guilty of watching them lately and they always make me cry.  Here is the most recent one.  Commence ugly cry.

2. Gideon is saying tons these days and also signing a few things.  It is awesome to have a baby who can somewhat communicate what he wants.  He signs "more" ALL. THE. TIME. now and who am I if I don't give him more of what he wants, right?  He also signs and says "all done" which sounds more like "ah da"  but it is the sweetest.  I really like this whole learning to communicate phase. And let's not even start on how he learned to actually give kisses.

3. We ordered Christmas cards through Minted this year.  I have used Vistaprint and Shutterfly before and Minted was by far the best!  If you click that link, you get $25 off your first purchase of $50 or more.  If you choose to not get the proof it is an additional $10 off your order and they are always running promo codes!  So, we ended up getting $80 worth of cards for $30.  Win in my book, plus they showed up less than three days after I ordered them.

4. Gideon is in the Gerber Photo Search for 2013.  You can click here to vote for him and vote everyday until December 1.  I mean, $50,000 could send him to college.  And we all want that, right? (Once you click the link, just search for him by first name and city so, Gideon and Port Royal!)

5. Our friends had a sweet baby girl on Monday evening.  She is tiny and sweet and precious.  We get to take them a meal tonight, which I am so excited about.  I know how much it meant to us when friends brought us food.

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