22 October 2013

Where did that big boy come from?

Gideon has changed so much in the last few weeks.  I often stop and find myself asking, "where did this boy come from?" He is not my little baby anymore.  And it breaks my heart, but is so exciting at the same time.

We have so much fun with Gideon these days.  Not that we didn't before, but he plays WITH us now instead of us just trying to entertain him.  We crawl in his tunnel and he laughs hysterically. We play "boo" and he crawls around a corner, pops out and says, "ba"(boo).  He knows so much now and is learning each day. I'll say something and a minute later, he is saying it too.  It continues to blow my mind daily.

As soon as Gideon hears the water running in his bathtub, he crawls like a madman into the bathroom and stands next to the tub trying to reach his toys or dancing.  It is so sweet to watch how excited he gets and I told Taylor I want to always, always remember moments like these.  Oh, I hope I do.

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