23 October 2013

Beaufort, oh Beaufort

Moving to a new place is always crazy.  I say this from my one (this one) experience of moving, but I imagine it is always the same.  New places and things to get used to.  Moving from a larger city like Charlotte to a non-interstate-having, lack-of-a-Target, see-everyone-you-know-everywhere-you-go small town is pretty extreme.  While I totally love it, there are still a few things I am getting used to:

1. Driving over a bridge everyday.  There are three ways to get somewhere around here and I cross a bridge at each one.  It is weird to be so close to water (And surrounded by it.  Mostly islands here!)

2. South Carolina drivers. I apologize to any SC people I may offend, but you truly are the worst drivers I have ever seen.  I really hate that soon I will be sporting a SC license plate and license. Does that automatically make me a horrible driver now too?

3. Speed limit doesn't go over 55 mph.  Agh.  I am so used to driving fast.  Slow down, Em.  Slow down.

4. Did I mention we see someone we "know" (people from our new church and they recognize me and then I pretend I remember them.  I have to get better at remembering!) everywhere we go?  Checking out at the grocery store, buying toilet paper (or even worse tampons), eating dinner, etc, etc, etc.  Small town problems.  But, it is also nice to see familiar faces.

5. The weather.  Oh my freaking goodness, this weather.  Make up your mind already, Beaufort weather.  Do you want to somewhat act like it's October or are you still satisfied with July?  I can't tell these days.

6. Lack of stores.  I have been online shopping because it is hard to find things down here. I mean we have a Rue 21, but I think the Sponge Bob shirt and Jersey Shore-esque outfits are long past my time.  (Was there ever a time for this?  I hope not.)

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