21 October 2013

What's Fall without a festival?

All good things happened this weekend.  Popcorn, hayrides, Chuck's, and Prison Break pretty much sums it up for us.

We headed to a Fall festival on Saturday and despite it being 80 degrees, I forced Gideon into his Halloween onesie and I donned my orange too.  Ok, and mainly because he pretty much only has long-sleeved tops right now because October.  Enough said.  Who knew we were moving to the tropics?  Not I.  Gideon was pretty indifferent the entire time at the festival.  He kept that same straight face which is really unlike him.  Normally, when there are tons of people looking to give him attention he hams it up, but not this time.  I even crawled into that blow-up-of-death contraption to put him in the ball pit and it made no difference.  (Those things are really not made for adults.  It was bad.)

But Chuck's happened.  And I don't think there is anything cuter.  They may be a little big still but they tie which makes them fit in my book.  And makes it impossible for him to pull them off which is even better.  I can't decide if the Chuck's is the highlight of my weekend or the fact that Taylor and I started Prison Break on Netflix.  Crap, you guys.  It sucked us in.  We sat looking at each other at the end of the first episode and said, "one more?"  And one more we did.  I don't know if I can handle it.  Eighty episodes of pure adrenaline.  I did have to look away at some parts because I just don't like to watch violence.  My heart can't handle it, but I am intrigued to find out what happens, so don't be surprised if this blog turns into a Prison Break review each week. I know, I know.  I am late to this party, but what's new?

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