16 September 2013

Hubs did WHAT?

Saturday, one of Taylor's good friends and college roommate got married.  And guess what?  Tay did the ceremony.  His first and he hit it out of the ballpark.  I was a proud, proud wife.  He had great things to say, and even better made it short and sweet because I needed cake. OK, he didn't do it just for me.  They wanted it simple and I thought it was amazing.  Short and sweet.  That's all you need.  I had trouble getting some good pictures, but to set the mood, the weather was unbelievably perfect.  A crisp Fall day if you will.  And it got to the point where I told Taylor I was freezing during the reception.  And now onto a few pictures from the gorgeous day. Oh, and because their wedding was so cute, I can't help but narrate the pictures as we go. Hope you don't mind.

^^ Cute, right?  They got married on the groom's parent's front porch! ^^

^^ They cut up sheets for hay bales for the guests to sit on. ^^

^^ Paparazzi, much? They were having so much fun! ^^

^^ Tay was a little preoccupied with the Alabama game on his phone prior to the service.  And they won.  Roll tide. ^^

^^ Getting things set up. And he's all mine (well, and Gideon's) ^^

^^ The bride's adorable niece! She decided during the processional that she did NOT want to ride in the wagon.  All good. ^^

^^ The picture on the right starts a little series for the next few pictures.  One of the cutest ideas I have ever seen. ^^

^^ That Coke cooler was filled with Blue Moon. ^^

^^ This is always one of my favorite parts of a wedding.  Minus the late comers standing back there and most likely destroying the professional photos. ^^

^^ And there is my husband in action.  Can you tell I am proud?  I am PROUD! ^^

^^ Reception.  Still on groom's parent's land! ^^

^^ I seriously followed those cupcakes outside until it was time to have one.  And then I was the first in line.  ^^

^^ The groom (Ben) and Taylor.  College freshmen roommates. ^^

^^ And this came home with us.  And disappeared fast.  And was the best I have ever tasted. ^^

Congrats Ben & Holly.  We love you and loved your wedding!

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