17 September 2013

Bacon and razors have a lot in common...

Since we have been married, we have given up some things that may seem too expensive and gone with a cheaper brand or nixed it altogether.  If cable was not included with where we currently live, we would not have it at all.  And do not plan on having it when we move.  (Honestly, we are excited about this!) We buy store brand more than not on things like diapers (Target's are great!), pasta, wipes, cat litter, cheese, meat (again we mainly shop at Target), etc.  But we have a few things that we have declared DO NOT SKIMP items.  Trust us, we have learned from experience. So here's our list:


Toilet paper.  Goodness, this should go without saying.  Spend a little extra to make your tush happy.  I had to work on this one with Tay since the men in our lives don't need it as much as us.  At one point early in our marriage, he asked if I was eating it because it was disappearing so fast.  


Razors. I despise a cheap razor.  Granted, I steal Taylor's and never buy my own, but when I see that he has a cheap one, I cringe.  Those little nicks on your legs are just not worth it.  


Bacon. This one we learned the hard way.  Taylor started comparing prices in the meat aisle, while I was off getting important things like Nutella, and he went with the store brand at two dollars cheaper.  Oh my Lord, it was awful.  Thin.  Barely bacon.  Not on my watch.  We will be forking out the two dollars from now on.

This list is continually growing and every once in a while, we look at each other and declare a DO NOT SKIMP.  What are your no skimping items?


  1. Definitely toilet paper and also oreos. I can't deal with store brand oreos...does that make me a snob? Oh well. :)

    1. I totally agree with the Oreos. Only the original will do. They are almost on the same level as Girl Scout cookies. No imposters allowed!


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