18 September 2013

When life throws lemons at your head...eat cupcakes and watch Parenthood.

This week has been a little rough so far so I wasn't feeling all "Wednesday Favorite-y" today.  Life didn't just hand us lemons, it basically threw them at us.  Monday, Taylor took what was supposed to be a day trip down to Beaufort to check out an apartment for us.  We really wanted a house, but it was just not working out, so an apartment it is.  On his way home, his truck went crazy and he ended up on the side of the interstate in rush hour.  Got towed, found a roach motel to stay in as he was two hours from home, tried to eat at BK but their card reader was down. I think you see the way this is going.  Almost 500 bucks and a day later, Taylor made it home.

Also, the seasonal change sickness hit me like a truck last night.  It always happens.  The weather changes in the slightest for Fall and I all of a sudden feel like death.  So what did we do?  We ate cupcakes and watched Parenthood in bed.  And it did help.  It did.  A cupcake might just be a cure-all.  Ok, and we talked about perspective on things.  Like how, living in a second floor apartment even though we wanted third or first floor doesn't mean the world is out to get us.  We will still have a home.  And a really nice one with two pools and his and her sinks.  I always laugh when people say "first world problems," but my gosh we really have turned into a bunch of whiney people sometimes, me worst of all.  So I'll take my second floor new home, my cupcake, and a little Parenthood action.

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