28 August 2013

Wednesday Favorites.

I want to shake up Wednesday favorites a little and do it a little differently. Is that ok with you?  And if it isn't, so sorry.  It's my blog. So let's get started. Happy hump day everyone.  What does hump day matter to a stay-at-home mom, you ask? It still gets me closer to the weekend and closer to having help with a wild boy during the day. And it gets me closer to quality time with my love. So hump day, yes.

Favorite Pins this week:

*So I've painted my frames, printed new pictures and this photo wall is inspiring me.

*These jazzed up mason jars look so fun and might need to make an appearance at a little boys first birthday party in a few months. (Maybe more manly looking though).

*This maternity dress is gorgeous and makes me want baby #2 just so I can wear it.  Heck, I would probably wear it while not pregnant.

Favorite blog posts/articles this week:

*I love Jen Loves Kev's most recent monthly service project post.  She uses money earned from her blog to do a service project each month with her young daughter.  Such a great idea.

*A Reader Redesign on Young House Love.  How great is that little kitchen they made?  I think I want to make Gideon a play workbench when he gets older.

*My sister linked to this article and I like it.  (And yes, I am still planning a birthday party for Gideon.  I agree that it doesn't need to be over-the-top!)

*The writer of the blog In Honor of Design has teamed up to create The Brand Market Workshop which is a workshop for bloggers to create their brand and help bloggers work on things such as photography, marketing, etc.  It looks so interesting and I am contemplating on going to the Greenville workshop in December.

Favorite others this week:

*This week marks 10 years that my dad is cancer free.  That makes me happier than anything.  I am blessed to have had him here for college, my wedding, and to see Gideon born and growing.

*We are getting away this weekend.  Happy Labor Day.

*After lots of rain, this sunny week has been refreshing.

*I bought two prints off of this Etsy shop.  They email them to you or are available instantly to print. I love the verses and quotes they use.

*I finally cleaned our bathroom yesterday.  It's a favorite because now it's done.

What are your favorites?


  1. My favorite is that little guy in the picture above. Gideon, Grammy loves you.

  2. What a sweet little boy!

    Totally obsessing over those jazzed up mason jars--too cute!

    1. Thank you! And mason jars are always something to obsess over!


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