27 August 2013

Most days I...

Run on zero sleep and a little caffeine.  But only if we have some.  Which most days we don't.  So I run on zero sleep.

Change six diapers.  Unless Gideon is feeling generous.  Then maybe seven or even eight.  Only one stinker though.  So that's kind of him.

Pick up toys.  Watch Gideon pull out toys.  Watch Nala push toys around our house.  Pick up toys.  Pick up toys.  Look for toys Nala moved.

Make the bed.  Sometimes the only "cleaning" I get done, but it at least is something, right?

Rarely shave my legs.  Only when Taylor is off, do I indulge myself with a longer shower.  I do however shave my armpits everyday.  I guess it makes me feel presentable?

Check Instagram several times.  I think it makes me feel connected to the rest of the world.  Some days we don't have a ton to do outside of the house, so it's nice to see other people via the internet.

Feed a baby seven times.  Three meals of solids.  Four nursing/bottle sessions.

Try to remember to take something out for dinner.  I have gotten so much better at "meal planning."  I don't sit down and write out what I'll make when, but we plan what meals we want before grocery shopping so any given night I can make one of those.

Make Gideon laugh.  He easily gets tickled about things.  I love hearing him giggle. He makes me laugh, too.

Kiss little fingers and little toes a million times. And cheeks. And nose. And ears.

Listen to what Gideon has to say.  He talks a lot.

Deal with meltdowns and cry-fests.  Teething and tiredness the biggest culprits.

Lay a sweet boy in his crib for bedtime and get one last really big smile from him.  It makes everyday worth it.

(And then I collapse on the couch and make Taylor rub my back!)

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