26 August 2013

Awesome's from the Weekend.

- Friday night date night.  We hit up our favorite BBQ place.  Fried pickles, BBQ, potato salad, sweet potato fries.  Yum.  Followed by a trip to Home Depot, Target and Petsmart.  Because we are old.

- I had a successful yard sale on Saturday.  It went better than planned.  I got rid of some things I have been meaning to and I got some cash for them.  It was perfect weather and a steady flow of people so I am happy.

- Dunkin' Donuts.  Enough said.

-We had the yard sale at my parents because they have a yard, so we spent the night at their house Friday night so we wouldn't have to drive over there super early.  Friday night I crawled in my parents bed and talked with my mom (after finally getting Gideon to sleep two hours after his normal time).  I felt like a kid again.

- I spray painted more things.  It is now an addiction.  I keep finding more things I want to paint.  I even had to pick up another can while we were at Home Depot Friday night.

-We have a top tooth, finally.  Those buggers have been so close and one finally came through with the other close behind.

-Sunday nap. Gideon and I have figured out a great little Sunday routine and it includes me getting a nap, bliss for sure.

-I made chicken tacos for dinner last night.  Delicious and easy.  I promise the recipe soon!

What are your awesome's from the weekend?

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