23 August 2013

Fresh for Fall.

Do you ever look around at your home and want to scrap everything and just start over?  You look at your choice in furniture or decor from a few years back and say,  "what was I thinking?"  I am in that place and it is a hopeless downward spiral.  Thank goodness, Taylor is on board with me, but also reigns me in when I need it.

I think maybe part of it is the new season coming.  A change of season always makes me want to change everything else as well.  Color my hair dark, maybe?  No, I'll just stick to throwing out my old dish towels and buying brand-spanking new, crisp white ones.  Oh, it makes the biggest difference already.

I have found that I am also in that place where I look at what we have and realize we got it when we first got married, three years ago, and it wouldn't have been my first choice, but it worked for then because 1. we had nothing and 2. we were strapped for money (not that we are floating in it now).  We are now in the place where we want to start slowly getting things we have wanted.  But, hey, you have to start small, right?

So, to feel all fresh for Fall, I ousted the cheap kitchen rugs and bought some new ones.  They were on sale so it's the only reason I started there.  And I fell hard for the rugs when I first saw them.  A true sign of aging, you fall for rugs.  Of course the new kitchen towels, which I made sure Taylor understood were meant to be handled delicately and the old, nasty ones could be used to clean our George Foreman.  I also use to have an obsession with black picture frames which have felt so dark and oppressive to me lately, so instead of buying ALL new frames, I bought a five dollar can of white spray paint and went to work on a few of them.  It was super easy, which I am a huge fan of.  No bristles getting stuck on it, no stroke marks and I was done in five minutes.  I now have the itch to spray paint tons of things.  

I painted these.  Now to find the perfect pictures to fill them!
These are white frames I have bought in the last few months, but aren't they just happy and bright?

What do you do to freshen up your home when you need a small change?


  1. I'm the same way! I bought a bunch of black frames when we got married 5 years ago and they are just too dark and not light and airy... maybe I need to spray paint mine!!

    1. You should! It brightens everything up and is super easy. A great DIY project while baby is napping!


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