16 August 2013

Scenes from the beach / 2

I was really proud of myself at the beach.  All year I had been stressing over my stretch marks.  I had convinced myself that I would never again wear a two piece swimsuit.  Well, I did it anyways.  I have a one-piece, but my torso is so long, it is really uncomfortable.  So, I pulled out my other ones and wore them.  Now, I did keep my cover-up on while walking around, but baby steps, right?  And getting a tan on my tummy actually helped to minimize how much you can see them.  Wow, a whole paragraph about my stretch marks.

We've started a little tradition.  Well, we've only done it for two years, but tradition sounds good.  We hit up Joe's crab shack when we go to the beach now.  You can't go to the beach and not eat good seafood, right?  It's the one time Taylor splurges and gets the thirty dollar king crab bucket.  He dreams about it all year.  I stick to shrimp, because, well shrimp.  And you can't go wrong with that.

And more pictures...

^^ I got lots of good cuddles on the beach ^^

^^ This was right before sand made it to his mouth.  Which he seemed to like ^^

^^ We also had a really nice pool to use.  Just chillin' with Aunt B ^^


^^ This boy loves splashing ^^

^^ Taylor's grandmother and her husband got to come visit for a few days ^^

^^ We got to go out for our anniversary. ^^

^^ And of course, mini golf.  I did horrible this year.  Maybe pregnant bellies help? ^^

^^ The Burgess siblings ^^

^^No idea how he wins EVERY YEAR.  And you could actually buy a winner trophy.  We opted for a picture with one instead.^^

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