15 August 2013

Scenes from the beach / 1

Last week, we headed out for a week at the beach with Taylor's family.  It was a great week, although we are now the first to tell you that vacation with a baby really isn't a vacation.  Regardless of little or zero naps from our boy, a fall off a bed onto hardwood (seriously the worst moment of my life!), teething, and disrupted night-sleep, we had a few moments to relax and enjoy ourselves.

The weather was perfect and Gideon really seemed to enjoy the beach.  He was cautious of the sand, but eventually had no problem shoving a fistful in his mouth.  He enjoyed sitting with the waves and tide hitting him and each day we were out there, he managed to take a small nap.  We ate grand in the evenings, and thanks to Taylor's mom, we had a few nights out to shop, explore, eat and hang out with Taylor's siblings and their boos (his words).

I think it was a cleansing trip for all of us and coming back we feel a stronger bond than ever with them all.  Now on to the pictures.

^^ This was post-fall off the bed.  Apparently popsicles are the cure-all!^^

^^ This was right before I had to take him in the bathroom and change a major blowout.  And what is with public bathroom changing stations not having a working strap to secure the baby.  EVERY SINLGE ONE I USED WAS BROKEN.  So I had to keep one hand on him and change the diaper with my other. ^^

^^ Isn't this shark butt the cutest thing?^^

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