19 August 2013


Reading: Do other blogs count?  Because that is all I have time for lately.  I am a reader and I really miss getting lost in stories.  Any book suggestions?

Watching: Right before we left for the beach, we finished season three of Parenthood. That is all that is on Netflix for now.  We somehow need to get our hands of season four to catch up.

Listening: The other night, Taylor was working late so it was just me and Gideon for dinner.  I turned on my old iPod and we had a dance party.  He was loving the oldies I had on there, My girl, Wake me up before you go, Love shack. A random but good mix.

Purchasing: I bought a gorgeous top for Fall from Francesca's while we were at the beach.  I couldn't find the exact one on their site, but it has little horses printed all over it!

Doing:  I have been making a pile in our bedroom corner for a few months, of things I am ready to get rid of.  Normally, I would just drop it off at Goodwill, but I have some nicer things so I have decided to have a yard sale.  Fun, right?

Loving: Gideon started waving "hi" and "bye bye" last week.  We say hi and bye a ton now just to get him to wave.  It melts my heart with it's cuteness.  I noticed he does it when I am walking him to his room for nap time, as if he is saying, "bye, I'm ready for sleep now!"

Eating: I'm stuck in a rut with my lunch these days.  Mostly just sandwiches because they are quick and easy.  Any ideas?  I have been experimenting with dinner a lot and made homemade meatballs for spaghetti the other night.  So good.

Thinking about: My mind has been so occupied with Gideon turning one in less than four months.  I'm not trying to get ahead of myself, but I can't believe it's so soon.  I'm in the beginning stages of party planning because I had no clue what I wanted to do.  I decided on a theme and will get going on stuff in another couple months.  It's so exciting to see him grow and start to mimic things we do or say.  He understands what we are telling him (mostly) and interacts with us.  Crazy.

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