10 July 2013

Wednesday Favorites

1. Google Reader was gone as of last Monday.  I really am loving Bloglovin' as a way to keep up with ALL of the blogs I read (which is so, so many).  You can find my blog here to follow.  I have also heard great things about Feedly but have not tried it out.

2. I'm drooling over this chicken dip recipe.  I'm all for a good dip and could eat anything with cream cheese all day, everyday.  Too bad I can't have cream cheese.  (Hoping to reintroduce dairy at nine months for Gideon!)

3. Um, babies!  Lots and lots of babies.  Two of my cousins are due in December and one of Taylor's cousins is due next Spring.  Bring on the babies.  Love it!

4. This article about being a natural-birth bully.  I loved it.  I have no qualms with epidurals (mine was heaven) or c-sections.  Labor how you want ladies!

5. We are at camp! How cool is it that Gideon and I get to tag along with Taylor for two weeks for his job?  And how cool is it that part of his job is two weeks of camp with awesome students, horses, speed boats, a giant pool?  I mean, come on.

6. And a guest post on In Honor of Design.  Losing a baby is never easy at any stage.

7. I am coveting this breakfast adventure to Gramercy Terrace in NYC over on Tales of me and the Husband. It looks idyllic.

8. We have a tooth, people! the above picture was taken the night before it came through, so you can see his dissatisfaction. But, truly he wasn't even that fussy.  One down, how many more to go?  He has about three more that are coming any day!

9. So happy for my MIL.  She just got a new job that she REALLY wanted!  It is the perfect fit and frees up her weekend so we can see her more.  Gideon is so excited about some Bama time!

10. Burt's Bees Pomegranate lip balm.  I can't even go back to the regular now. Too good.

What are your Wednesday favorites?

*Oh and why Wednesday favorites?  Because hump day is one of the hardest days of the week.  So why not make a list of great things to keep it positive!

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