25 July 2013

Perfect Picnic Day

Yesterday we had the perfect picnic day.  It was not planned and most people wouldn't think a 90-something degree, July day would be good for picnicking, but it was.  Gideon and I usually eat lunch with Taylor on Wednesdays because he works all day and doesn't get home until around 10.  It helps break up the day for all of us.  For the most part we go out to eat.  Yesterday, we had actually planned on not going to lunch because we have a date night coming up this weekend.  Well, last minute I couldn't handle it, so I packed up some sandwiches, pretzels, apples, and Nilla wafers and headed to Taylor's office.  We found the perfect shady spot right outside his office windows and just sat and ate and talked.

We have a lot going on in our small little family and life and we find the best times to talk about everything is when we are outside.  Family walks and this picnic have been just what we need lately.  This spontaneous little outing was the best.

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