24 July 2013

Wednesday Favorites: Royal Baby Edition (and then some)

1. So, royal baby.

2. I waited all day on Monday for that baby to be born and I was sure the one minute I wasn't watching the news it would happen.  But, I WAS watching the moment it was announced while nursing Gideon.

3. I've mentioned before how much I love Honest Toddler.  Well, here is the toddler council royal baby press release and it's hilarious.

4. Oh, and a compilation of advice for new mom Kate from a bunch of mama-bloggers.  Also, so great!

5. And some non-royal baby things.  Almonds.  I cannot stop snacking on them.  I guess it's better than snacking on Oreos.

6. I loved this guest post.  It made me think of my sister and her family living so far.  The last line says it all..."The world is not as large as we make it out to be."  They aren't too far away.

7. Puffs. These save my life while trying to make dinner.  I put Gideon in his highchair, pour a few on the tray and he is content to pick those suckers up and eat them on his own while I cook up a fabulous meal (sometimes fabulous, sometimes breakfast for dinner with the help of Tay.) Oh and they come in awesome flavors like banana, strawberry apple, apple cinnamon.

8. Gideon's favorite book right now is That's not my monster.  It is an awesome board book and it is touchy-feely which he loves to run his fingers over. (Pictures above.)

9. Our boy is officially on the move.  He is "crawling" everywhere.  Right now it is an inch worm movement and not all the way up on his hands and knees.  We'll be there soon enough though.  We have already had to relocate a floor lamp and floor vase from the living room to our bedroom because he was a little too fascinated with them.  Baby life.

10. Oh, did I mention, royal baby?  And how about Kate looking awesome the next day?  I was full-fledge zombie for a while.  With-a-no-picture-or-you-will-die rule.

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