26 July 2013

Letter from Mama


You are full of life, sweet boy! I mean, you are just the funnest little thing and I can't get enough of this seven month age.  You have found your voice and personality and go to great lengths to show it.  You are spunky, fun, energetic. You are such a social baby and prefer to be around people than to be alone. I am positive you will be a leader when you grow up.

Your smile is infectious.  When you wake up ready for the day at six in the morning, I really want to be mad at you.  And then I see your smile.  How can I be mad at that?  And suddenly the fact that I was up twice in the night doesn't matter and I conquer that day with you by my side.  We have lots of fun.  Everything is exciting to you and I am beginning to find the excitement in small things as I see them through your eyes.

I'm learning to slow down.  Up until you, life was fast-paced.  Sometimes I get caught up in wanting to get things done, but I remind myself that you will only be this size for a little while.  I can't waste it.  So I rock you longer and snuggle you close.  Who cares that the books say that rocking you back to sleep will keep you from self-soothing.  It's OK for me to soothe you to sleep when you need me. I love that time and I think I will always remember the smell of your hair and the sound of your breath while I hold you at three in the morning.  Just you and me.

So, big man, all this to say, I can't imagine life without you and even have a hard time remembering life before you.  You fit us like a glove and we don't plan on taking that glove off, EVER.  Love you to the moon and back.



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