29 July 2013

When I'm a parent, I'll never...

Pre-Gideon I was constantly saying that phrase, "When I'm a parent, I'll never..." and fill-in-the-blank with whatever high-horse I was on that day.  It was usually said in judgment of parents I was seeing in public with their kids and I just wanted to (stupidly) proclaim that I would never be like them with my kids.  I'll never... drive a minivan, open food in the grocery store for my kid to eat, keep the baby in our room longer than six weeks.

All I needed was a swift kick in the pants, a foot in my mouth, and a few months with a baby to realize that I will NEVER again stand in judgment of parents or say I'll never do/try something with my children.  I feel awful as I look back at things I claimed would be once I was a mother and I see them for what they are.

That minivan all of a sudden sounds really practical as we pack for vacation and try to cram everything into our car.  I mean automatic sliding doors, three rows of seats, and some have that awesome stowing system for the back seat so you have more luggage room.  And it's hard enough keeping a baby occupied while grocery shopping, so I can't even imagine keeping a running, talking toddler busy, so go ahead and rip into that box of animal cookies and hand them out.  I will too, for the sake of sanity (mom's and passersby). Oh and did I mention, that six weeks of baby sleeping in mom and dad's room turned into twelve.  Maybe more.

So, dear mom I saw in Target last week,

I don't blame you a bit for abandoning your cart in the middle of the aisle with your hoped-to-purchase items still inside.  Yes, your three-year-old was throwing a tantrum and continuously threw his body on the floor in refusal to do what you said.  Yes, the entire store could hear him.  No, I don't stand in judgment of you.  I stand beside you, knowing that one day in the not-so-distant future, I too will have to walk away from my cart while my son makes it known that he is not happy.  You held it together great.  Stay strong.

Mama of an eight-month-old who is just getting started.

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