22 May 2013

Wednesday Favorites

1. Getting on a plane TOMORROW to go to Minnesota.
2. Playoff hockey. Go Penguins!
3. This phone app for weddings.  Guests load pictures they take during wedding and you can play the slideshow at the reception as people load them.
4. Fresh flowers on my desk (wedding bouquets are the best).
5. The swimsuit Gideon just got.  Bring on the pool.
6. The video in this post of two guys experiencing simulated labor pains.  :)
7. Mall of America here I come.
8. Love new dresses.
9. This is the perfect, subtle nail color.
10. A Beautiful Mess phone app.  So fun!
11. Having a sitting, "talking," moving baby.  Never a dull moment.
12. Long stretches of sleep at night.  Gideon has gone between 7 and 10 hours straight for the last several weeks.  Light at the end of the tunnel?

What are your Wednesday favorites?

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