23 May 2013

Josh and Carly: Wedding

Carly was such a laid-back bride when it came to picking things out for the wedding.  She told all the bridesmaids to just buy a yellow dress.  Any yellow dress and to wear cowboy boots with them.  Easy enough for me.  And it ended up looking spectacular.  I'm so into this non-matchy wedding thing that is taking Pinterest by storm.  It works.

I have to say, besides my own wedding (for obvious reasons), their ceremony was my favorite of any I have ever been to.  It was beautiful and to the point.  Want to get married?  Just do it and quick.  No need to drag that part out.  And to top it off, Josh was crying the entire time, making everyone else emotional too.  You could truly feel their love for one another.

It had also been raining most of the day and Carly had her heart set on an outdoor ceremony.  She wouldn't even hear of the rain plan.  We all spent the day calming her nerves and at one point we said that we just knew the rain would stop and the sun would come out right as she was walking down the aisle.  And wouldn't you know, the sun peaked through as we were lining up to go out.  You can't make this stuff up!

I love the above block of pictures. Two of these couples are married and the third is getting married in two months.  I love these connections we have from college and it has been amazing to watch each of us get engaged and married.  

Ahh, loving all the details.  They had such fun things planned.  Hayrides, photo booth (check back for those pictures), corn hole, a bonfire.  They literally thought of everything.

Just dancing the night away.  I even got Taylor out there to cupid shuffle with me.  You know it's a good night when he will get out and dance.  And how adorable are those two little girls?

Josh and Carly, Your wedding was beyond perfect and so much fun.  We are so grateful to have been a part of it and can't wait to see where your marriage takes you.  We pray for a bliss-filled, adventurous marriage for you and lots and lots of babies. (hey, G needs some friends!) We love you!

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  1. What an adorable wedding it was. And that theme, it is just WOW. I loved all of the colors and each and every décor idea as well. Our wedding day is also approaching quite fast and this is why we are feeling quite nervous as most of the planning is yet to be done. Have just booked the outdoor event venue Atlanta and trying to find affordable vendors for rest of the arrangements.


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