24 May 2013

Everyone Loves a Good Photo Booth.

Well, we are in Minnesota right now.  I didn't want to leave you hanging the whole time we were gone. (You know, all five days.) And since my grandpa doesn't have a computer I thought I would schedule this post ahead of time.  No computer?  Yea.  And I like it.  But, this really isn't a shocker since he doesn't even have a shower.  Just a bathtub.  Which I had the pleasure of using when I was seven months preggo.  I just wanted to share some awesome photo booth pictures from the wedding last weekend!

Who doesn't love a photo booth?  I mean seriously.  When I see a backdrop and bucket of props, I know I'm going to have a good time.  Carly and Josh love fun photo booths and always make the BEST props for them.  Right before the wedding, Carly and her mom realized they forgot the tripod and camera they planned to have set up for the photo booth.  You think that stopped people from using it?  Not a chance.  Thanks to iPhones, right?  We all carry those around these days, plus I had my camera on me because I'm a little bit obsessed these days.

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