15 April 2013

Showers, Swings and a No-Nap Monster

Ok.  He wasn't  a monster, but he did refuse to nap on Saturday.  The one day where he NEEDED to nap in order for us to attend a couples shower for our friends Josh and Carly who are getting married next month.  And then so I could attend her lingerie party right after.  But, our stubborn boy fought it.  Fought it hard and we went with it because what else do you do.  To his credit, Gideon was such a good baby the whole time.  He fussed for a few minutes, but other than that he was a smiling boy and even dozed off for a few minutes during the lingerie shower.

We had so much fun this weekend getting to celebrate our friends on their upcoming marriage.  They are without a doubt the perfect couple and I know their marriage will be such a fun one.  Two showers in a row was fun and exhausting. But worth it.  It's awesome and at the same time weird to be in a room with all of your college friends.  It brings back amazing memories and at the same time reminds you that you are all past college and in the real world.  I mean, hello, we had a baby.  Far past college.  And all of our friends are married or getting married within the year.  Oh college.

Side note:  I am resigned to the fact that we will have to get a dog.  At the shower we took Gideon in the garage to see the two dogs.  They licked his toes and his hands and even his face and for a solid 5 minutes he laughed his head off and did not stop smiling.  So this never-had-a-dog-in-her-life mama is going to have to suck it up and go with it.  Because honestly, those laughs were so worth it.

And the weekend according to my iPhone:

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  1. Oh my gosh, Emily! That pic of Gideon with the mustache is so cute!!!


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