25 March 2013


Awesome doesn't even begin to describe our weekend.  Tiring doesn't either.  We were on the go starting on Friday and I still haven't caught up yet.

We celebrated our brother-in-law's birthday Friday night with my family. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JAMES!  BBQ.  Yes.  All you need to know.  But since this is a blog, I will tell you more.  We played and ate and even got some Easter action in there since we won't be together next Sunday.  Gideon's first Easter basket was so cute from my parents.  They had written out clues for each of the grandkids to help them find their basket.  I helped Gideon and he got some good loot.  Some shorts for the Summer time.  If this weather doesn't stop acting weird I'm not sure he will ever get to wear them.  Books, a little chick stuffed animal and candy which went promptly to daddy because he is the only one who gets to eat it. It was such a fun night and G can't wait til next year when he gets his chance to hunt eggs.

Saturday morning I went to a Turkish tea hosted by my sister.  It was fun to hear all about the culture and drink some yummy chai.  It was also nice to be out alone for two hours.  Taylor was so sweet to stay home with Gideon so we could be sure he got good naps in.  We had tickets to Wicked on Saturday night and we wanted Gideon to be all rested for his night with Grammy and Papa.  He did so great for them, drinking his bottles even though we have had problems in the past with this and he went to sleep fine that night.  We had an amazing time at Wicked.  For those who know me really well, you know that I have been scared of The Wizard of Oz since childhood.  Well, that and Willy Wonka. Who makes these creepy movies?  I am excited to say I am now over my fear of Oz and truly enjoyed Wicked.  Willy Wonka?  Still on my hit list. Not changing any time soon. Oh and I wore my rehearsal dinner dress to Wicked and feel accomplished because it still fits.

I do need to say that people these days have no theatre etiquette.  During the first Act, I bet at least 20 people got up.  Really?  It is only an hour and a half and you can't sit down that long.  Or the handful of people who showed up late and then stood in front of us during the first song.  No you didn't. Rude.  I bet they are on time to a movie and can sit still through the whole thing so it would be great if everyone learned some theatre manners.  Tickets aren't cheap.  End of PSA.

We picked up Gideon after and drove home so it was after midnight.  Thank goodness he slept the rest of the night and Tay and I both felt rested.  and he must have partied hard at Grammy and Papa's because he took a three hour nap after church.  Glorious.

I love busy weekends but sometimes don't feel like I can catch up after. And the weekend according to my iphone:

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