26 March 2013

No Sick Days for Mamas

G and I are under the weather today.  No freaking fun.  I knew something was up with him yesterday afternoon when he wouldn't nap and seemed like something was bothering him.  In the evening his eyes were puffy and his nose runny and when we laid him down for bed he cried which he never does at night.  It broke my heart so I got him and cuddled him on my chest until he fell asleep and put him in his sleeper rocker in our room hoping that being elevated made it easier for him to breathe.

Tay and I were finishing The Hobbit and partway through I looked at him and told him I didn't feel well either.  Throat throbbing, head aching.  Boo.  So to bed I went, but was up about every hour and a half to two hours with Gideon trying to help him breathe.  It is pitiful to hear your baby trying to breathe normally all night.  And he kept doing this groaning thing as he was falling back asleep and I can't take it because it turns me into a mushy, crying mama.

I told Taylor I didn't know how I was going to make it through today without him.  Mamas just don't get sick days to lay around watching movies. We still have a baby to care for and having a sick one is even more work.  Thank goodness for my amazing husband who is only working til noon and coming home to take care of us.

Come to us Spring. No more cold. No more clouds. No more runny noses.

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