26 February 2013

Trial and Error

Life is all about trial and error.  Becoming a parent is definitely about trial and error.  Let me just say, WE HAVE NO CLUE WHAT WE ARE DOING most days. We think we have it down pat and then little G goes and reaches another milestone which just makes everything change and we are back to square one on the parental front with no idea how to face the new challenge.  Good thing Tay and I have each other.  We are constantly looking at each other saying, "what do you think we should do?" Ha.

We moved Gideon to his own room about a week and a half ago.  Right around the same time he started rolling over on his own.  Not a good combo in our book.  Kid is amazing at rolling from back to tummy and will let you know how upset he is if you keep rolling him back on his back.  Here is Gideon doing his party trick:

We are proud parents.  But the thing is at night when G rolls over in his crib, he tends to bury his face in the mattress and not really seek air. At least that is how it appears to us.  And being first time parents, we are not OK with this.  Scares the mess out of us.

Before we even had Gideon, we bought a cheap baby monitor and our reasoning was, "we only need to be able to hear him, right?"  In our book, we were oh so wrong.  Now that he is on the move it is better if we can see him.  We feel better. So the other night, literally minutes before putting G to bed, Taylor ran to Target to buy a video monitor.  We got this one and it is super awesome.  We can zoom in and out from the monitor and it even has a place where I can set an alarm to wake me every few hours for if G is sick and I need to check on him or things of that nature. My favorite is when Gideon is awake and looks straight at the camera.  Glowing eyes make him look like a little raccoon. We should have bought this to begin with and I highly recommend to go ahead and get a video monitor.  Trial and error.  Trial and error.

We are still learning though.  We had him back in our room last night because we are still not comfortable with this rolling over, burying face thing.  Call us over-freaky parents, but we claim it.  Hopefully soon, he will master the art of turning his head to the side to breath.  Just maybe.

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