25 February 2013

Rainy Days

This past weekend was a rainy on here in the Queen City.  And on the outskirts.  Because we technically don't live in the city.  But, nonetheless, it was rainy.  Which really equals a low key weekend because who wants to do anything in the dreary, suck-the-life-out-of-you rain.

Saturday, I had to get out of the house.  And so did Gideon.  He really has better days when him and I go out and do something, even if it is just dropping mail at the post office or running by the bank.  He likes to look around and the change of scenery does us both good.  Since we went nowhere on Friday, I declared to Tay that Saturday we were going to go do something.  We thought about walking around the mall, and then I got a lovely text from my dad asking us to lunch because they needed some Gideon smiles.

I understand.  His smiles are worth millions and I can't imagine a day without seeing them so I knew they needed it.  My dad called a little while later and asked if after lunch we would want to go to an antique/consignment store they like.  Sure, why not?  A dry place to walk around and much less crowded than the mall, I am sure.

Panera for lunch.  I picked Panera for lunch.  Because their creamy tomato soup makes me want soup in the middle of freaking July.  IT. IS. THAT. GOOD.  But it was the perfect rainy, cold day for soup and it was a novel decision by me.  Go me. Gideon was even eyeing my soup.  I can't say enough good things about this soup.  So go eat some if you haven't and even if you have.  Worth it.

Then Taylor and I were introduced to The Sleepy Poet.  Simply epic.  Huge warehouse with tons of booths selling antiques from furniture to old cameras, to knickknacks of all sorts. It was so much fun to walk around looking at everything.  And man, there was so much to look at.  My mom kept asking me if I had a headache yet because she always gets one from trying to look at so much stuff. There were great finds like old shutters painted cool colors, rotary phones (hey, my grandpa still has one that he uses), quilts, records, so much stuff.

I was good and didn't buy anything, although I could have walked out with most of it.  Except the hideous rack of ponchos.  Who thought that was a good idea?  Taylor was the winner for the day.  He found several old books published pre-1920 for five dollars each.  He was like a kid at Christmas and loved the store more than even I did.  Gideon was a champ and just rode in his stroller checking it all out.  He really does so well when we go out.  Good job, G.

So check out The Sleepy Poet if you are in our area.  You won't regret it, but your wallet might. and the weekend according to my iPhone:

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