11 February 2013

Peplum tops and Lemon pound cake

Nothing too terribly exciting happened this weekend.  And I am OK with that.  Every once in a while you just need two days to have no plans and fly by the seat of your pants...your sweatpants that is.  We needed this weekend after the past two weeks.  Gideon has colic.  And boy that junk is tiring.  Every two to three hours he wakes up in the night crying and fussing because his little tummy hurts.  And this mama can't handle seeing her baby boy like that.  So he cries and then I start crying and Taylor has a whole mess on his hands. Sorry, Tay!

But Friday night, oh Friday night was one like no other.  In a good way that is.  We lounged that evening just craving some rest.  Ordered pizza and watched Downton because we are freaking obsessed. We put G down at his regular time and we follow soon after because we were expecting more of the same when it came to his sleep pattern.  Boy were we surprised.

I woke up around 3 am and had to stop and listen to make sure our boy was still breathing because there was no way he was still asleep after 8 hours.  Eight hours, people.  Hello, full night of sleep and he is still going.  But, of course as a nursing mother, I had to get up and take care of some business.  That business hurts if you let it go on.

Gideon slept until about 5am, woke up for a quick feed and fell back asleep until 8:45 am.  It was too much to hope that this would continue and I only think it happened because he had shots that day at his doctor which I think made him extra drowsy, but my goodness it was nice.

Saturday and Sunday brought nothing of significance other than getting my windshield fixed and Taylor finding a nail in his tire which resulted in him taking it to get looked at.  Oh life, you sure know how to throw some curve balls.  But, I think we are pretty good hitters, so bring it.

But, here is what I really want to share.  I am typing this post while sitting alone at the Starbucks inside of Target.  Did you catch that?  All by myself.  Taylor could tell I needed a break.  He told me to leave after I fed him and go have some time to do whatever I wanted.  And you want to know what that is?  Roaming around Target and sitting in the Starbucks just typing away.

Whoever decided to team Target and Starbucks up is my kind of person.  Even without my ability to stomach the thought of coffee, I still love their chocolatey drinks and the lemon pound cake is my weak spot.

So, I spent my morning trying on clothes, which is beyond fun without extra weight from pregnancy and I found some awesome things that I will be adding to my wish list.  And don't you know my life is different when my first though about a stylish dress with a zipper front is how awesome and easy it would be for nursing!

So, since the weekend was low-key, here is the past week according to my iPhone:

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