08 February 2013

Reese's Cheesecake Sin in my Fridge

We had an early morning the other day, having to drive all the way uptown for a 9 am appointment with a specialist to find out what is going on with Gideon's little tummy.  It took over an hour to get there.  Boo to me for picking an early time.  They think it might be a little bit of colic and we are starting G on a probiotic to enhance digestive health.  Hoping this works.

When we got home, and after I fed G, I put him down for a nap and it was either workout or make delicious individual cheesecakes.  Um, so yea. Needless to say, I will workout tomorrow.

I had seen this idea on Pinterest and wanted to try it, especially since I already had the cheesecake mix in the pantry.  And yes, it is a box mix.  I am no Betty Crocker.  And Taylor honestly doesn't care. Score! I had hoped to make the mix when we had people to share it with, but then I didn't want to share.  I might save a few for some special people.

Now here is the recipe.  Go to the store.  I prefer Target, always.  Buy the Cheesecake Jello no bake box and Reese's cups. Follow directions on box.  Ha! Easy peasy.  I only made half of them with Reese's cups in them and the other half I topped with some blueberries I had in the fridge because when it comes to dessert more is more and you can quote me on that.

Even though there is not much to it, I did have to hide in the bathroom to use the mixer for the filling because there is no way I was going to risk waking my sleeping boy.  Not a chance.  The things you do to make sure they stay asleep.

I had a little help in the kitchen.  She thought I was a nuts when I took the bowl and mixer in the bathroom.  But seriously, I am not interrupting this awesome REM cycle that was going on.  So, get to going and whip some of these up just for fun.

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