12 February 2013

The Name Game

There are many things I expect to be asked when taking Gideon to the doctor.  Is your address the same?  Is he on any medications? Has he had a fever? What was his birth weight?  How long is he sleeping at night? But not how to pronounce his name. This seriously happens every time, but then again, they have our address wrong every time even though I have updated it the last five times we have been there.  So either I picked a tough name or the staff is a little slow.

Now I know we picked a name that is not as common as say, Brittany (sorry to my sister-in-law), but we also didn't pick a crazy name.  We didn't put numbers and hyphens in there so I don't think it should be too difficult.  I wanted him to have a unique name, but not so out there that he says "what the heck, mom"  in a few years.

Also worth noting is that it means "mighty warrior" so we will see if that comes and bites us in the butt one day.  I'm pretty sure that strong of a name can only result in a stubborn, charismatic child but that also could come from the mother's genes.

So, here is to you my mighty warrior.  Wear it well and sorry that you will now be that kid who constantly has to pronounce his name while teachers are taking role.

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