19 February 2013

Letter from Mama

Dear Gideon,

I don't know where to start.  The past ten and a half weeks have been the craziest, yet most fulfilling, of my life.  The moment I saw you I fell hard in love and it keeps growing everyday as you develop your adorable personality and respond to me as only a son can to a mommy.

You make the widest range of faces I have ever seen a baby make.  Everything from contemplative to grumpy to big smiles to furrow (you get this from daddy).  I can tell you are smart already because of the way you look at everything and because you're my kid. Well, maybe you get some of it from your dad.

This week you grew extra big and started to roll over and giggle consistently.  STOP GROWING! I know you can't and really I don't want you to. I just want to remember each and every thing about each and every stage you go through.  While holding you in the night, I just look at your little hands and then I am suddenly not tired anymore.  Even after you fall asleep, I just hold you a little longer because I don't want to give that time up for a few extra minutes of sleep that I can get back later.  I can't get those tiny fingers back, or your little snores and deep sighs when you have fallen into deep sleep.  I won't give it up.

My favorite thing is how you watch your daddy.  You already look at him as if he is the greatest thing in the world.  I see your eyes hold love for him and that he is your hero.  Even when he is talking to other people, your eyes are fixed on him with a big smile on your lips.  Savor that feeling! Your daddy lost his daddy a year and a half ago.  But before your Pop Pop left, he taught your daddy how to be the best daddy! He and I will always be here for you, NO MATTER WHAT!

As you get older, I know as parents we will do stuff that makes you mad or confuses you. I promise when you ask me why, I will never say "because I said so."  Instead, I will say "because I love you."  Please remember that everything we do as your parents will be because we love you.  We will pray about it and together decide what we feel is best and you won't always understand, but it is from love!

You have brought BIG love and unending joy.  My precious, sweet monkey boy!

Love, Mama

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