20 February 2013

Big Things

Some big things have been happening over in our neck of the woods.  Just to name a few:
1. Crib. We moved Gideon to his crib in his own room.  This kid doesn't care where he sleeps at night. Win for mommy and daddy.
2. Snow.  We had quite a bit of snow on Saturday for Charlotte.  That's big for us.
3. Hands. Gideon is very into his hands.  Starting to hold things more and often stares at them.
4. Rolling over.  This kid is a mover.  We find him sideways in the pack-n-play or his crib and now he is rolling over.  Tummy to back AND back to tummy.
5. Giggles.  BE STILL MY HEART.  My favorite sound in the world and often comes when I am giving him lots of kisses.
6. Taxes. Done.  Enough said.
7. Pedicure.  Might not seem like much but you would think it was a big thing if you had seen the state of my feet.
8. Date night. Which I know you already know.  But, it is a big thing to go to a movie.  The last time we went to a movie was Twilight and I didn't enjoy it because I had a contraction through the entire fight scene.  Which. Is. So. Long.
9. Pre-pregnancy jeans are on. About time.  I was about to make a career out of wearing pants with stretchy waist bands.

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