18 February 2013

Date Night

I dated my husband on Friday night.  Yes, a date!  I had it planned out to a T when it came to timing.  Being a nursing mom, you have to.  I had pumped enough for two bottles for Gideon's 5 o'clock and 8 o'clock feedings.  I fed him at 2 and out the door we went headed to Grammy and Papa's with our boy. Before we even left the neighborhood, I heard him rip a few wet ones and knew they were in for an eventful night with my sweet boy.  Maybe it was his way of telling us how he felt about us leaving him?

I had never had to give instructions to someone else on how to take care of my baby.  All of a sudden I was the expert telling my mom how and what to do with his bottles and showing her his extra clothes (which thank goodness I packed two extra outfits and pajamas because G blew out two outfits and caught my mom on one of them.  Sorry Grammy) and gripe water if his belly hurt.  I told Taylor it was weird to leave him but who better to take care of our baby than our parents.  I mean, I'm still alive so they maybe know what they are doing.

We drove away JUST THE TWO OF US IN THE CAR.  That hasn't happened in ten and a half weeks.  But who's keeping track? We held hands like we were dating and kissed at red lights.  We had decided to go see Safe Haven.  Correction, I had decided we would see Safe Haven.  If it was up to Taylor we would have seen the new Die Hard movie.  Because it's so romantic and all, ya know?  And a matinee it was because I don't do crowded theaters and it usually means a cheaper ticket, but hello, we picked the wrong theater and a matinee was still $10.50.  Each.  As in it cost $21 dollars just to get us both in the door.  Not to mention that you can't not get popcorn.  The smell alone warrants popcorn in the movie.  And if you get popcorn you need a drink.  Because those little kernels get stuck in your throat and you don't want to be that person coughing during the movie.  No way.

Movie was so good.  Highly recommend.  Taylor even said, and I quote, "Not as bad as I thought."  Which in his language means "go see it, guys!"  It was awesome to watch the whole thing through without interruption.  At home, we usually end up with a fussy boy and have to pause our show or movie to do his bath or feed him.

Dinner was at Outback.  They were doing a Valentine's special for two and when you combine a special with steak, I'm your girl.  I had done "call ahead seating" as they don't do reservations.  Don't know the difference and don't care because they had a table for us when we got there and I got steak.  And a potato. And a bloomin' onion.  And a salad.  And cheesecake. And probably gained 2 pounds.  WELL WORTH IT.

Taylor asked if he should drive super slow on the way to my parents to get Gideon, but I think we were both really eager to see him at that point.  The little Gideon sized hole in us was wanting to kiss those sweet chubby cheeks.  As soon as we walked to their door, I could hear him crying.  My mom said he had literally started two minutes before we got there and I better not think he was crying the whole time.  She had pictures and videos to prove it.

Gideon was so good for them.  He even spent some time giggling while my mom tried to give him his bottle and he rolled over for them.  Party tricks and all. They must have worn him out because he slept so good that night!

It is so nice to know that he is OK with us being away for a little bit.  I think it will help us be the best parents we can be for him if we get a little break and also get to focus on our marriage every once in a while.

Saturday they were calling for nasty weather, but Tay's mom and sister got to come snuggle on Gideon for the day.  He grows so fast and we don't want them to miss it so I am glad they came.  He gave some sweet smiles and giggles to them also.  Around 5 o'clock it started snowing and it came fast and stuck fast.  I haven't ever seen that much snow stick that fast in Charlotte.  The woods near our house looked like Narnia.

Top that off with a lazy Sunday and it was an epic weekend for sure.  Thank you, February.  Thank you, Grammy and Papa.

And the weekend, according to my iPhone:

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